Generations of One for All have tried in vain to defeat All for One. All Might had come very close without being able to deliver the final blow to his foe, who instead began to weave the threads of a much larger plan that would lead to the current My Hero Academia Warwith Deku against Shigaraki.

Now that Deku is using all of One for All's quirks, he has dealt a mighty blow to Shigaraki. That Spoilers with images from My Hero Academia 369 However, they begin with a flashback that tells of the altercation between All for One and the second owner of the One for All. The latter could only use his Quirk on very small items and for a limited time, leaving the villain wondering how it is possible that Deku can use it so extensively on objects and people.

Meanwhile, the fight continues with me Deku continues to beat Shigaraki with a five time Detroit Smash. However, the protagonist's last shot isn't as powerful as the previous ones, and All for One is ready to take advantage of it. However, Deku dodges the incoming punch with Smokescreen and Float, then uses the Black Whip to change Shigaraki's position and use the Fa Jin again to chain with the One for All to fully hit the enemy.

A hole opens in Shigaraki's chest, with the fusion of the villain's personality faltering. But All for One has one more card to play: with a scream, it seems to activate something. Somewhere else, Spinner gets huge and wildon the last page of My Hero Academia 369.

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