The flashback dedicated to the Phantom Brigade affects all readers of Hunter X Hunter, the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi, returned a little over a month after a very long hiatus of years. The mangaka does not save himself and has started to create a scenario in Meteor that many knew how it would end.

Sarasa's death was foretold from the very first bars of this mini-story, and now it is being fulfilled in the most gruesome way for the children, who at last seemed to have found peace and a unity of joyful purpose. That Hunter x Hunter 397 spoilers with many pictures leave no room for hope.

On the first page of the chapter entitled "Formation - Part 3" are the boys who are worried that Sarasa hasn't returned yet. So they start searching and asking for information. Then all ten find themselves in the woods with a black sack hanging from a tree and a note. There is a corpse in the body. Quoll Lucifer is shocked by what he sees. All children are afraid of what will happen. In the episode, Sheila leaves the group as Sarasa is now seen dead in a coffin.

Time flies and the The finale of this chapter of Hunter x Hunter shows the growth of Quoll Luciferbut also by the members of the rest of the Ghost Brigade that is now finally formed.

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