So far there has been a very quiet period in Egghead, with very little action, mostly limited to a few gags with Atlas and the very brief confrontation with the Seraphim Jinbe. However, it is about time that this saga of ONE PIECE moving on to a more exciting phase, and he's doing so with the new chapter.

That ONE-PIECE 1068 spoilercomplete with images that you can check out in the gallery below begins the usual mini-adventure dedicated once again to Germa 66. Caesar Clown and Judge Vinsmoke fight again while reminiscing about their past in MADS, with Vegapunk shining through in their minds along with other silhouettes in black.

That Chapter 1068 of ONE PIECE entitled "A Genius's Dream" however, it begins with a discussion between Pythagoras and Lucci. The CP0 member asks if it is their fault that the world government ships sank near the island, but Pythagoras denies it. Lucci activates the teleportation power of Seraphim Kuma, nicknamed S-Bear, and has the three members transported to the island when a sea monster attacks and destroys the ship. Return to Kamabakka to see Kuma. Kuma uses the same power as Nikyu Nikyu no Mi to teleport somewhere else, out of sight of Dragon and Ivankov.

It returns to Egghead with Luffy head teasing Vegapunk. Meanwhile, the scientist begins talking about why he would like to be taken away from Egghead, mentioning his quest for an unlimited energy that could be freely used by all, but which brought him too close to the secret energy used by the ancient kingdom became. That's why the world government wants to silence him. Luffy decides to help himand they arrange to meet at the tallest building, where the captain has to take Bonney as well.

Shaka orders the activation of S-Shark, S-Snake, and S-Hawk, and relinquishes control to Sentomaru, who does not appear to be on the island while CP0 battles the island's defenses. Atlas starts fighting them, but he doesn't stand a chance against Rob Lucci, who has transformed into hybrid mode. Right on the last double page, Rob Lucci and Luffy meet. What fate will there be for the two fighters?

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