The manga industry is on the verge of a new earthquake that could bankrupt several artists. Japan would indeed be in the process of abolishing this privileged tax exemption regime for freelancers and sole proprietorships in favor of a new tax system from October 2023.

If, on the one hand, there are authors worth millions like Eiichiro Oda, on the other hand, the majority of artists, such as assistants, deserve one Number that fluctuates between $7,000 and $14,000 per year. That would count for a third of the total, while other artists would make even less than $7,000 a year in a second installment.

Therefore, if the new royalty system were to materialize as envisioned, more than 20% of manga artists would risk bankruptcy, a phenomenon that could get worse if piracy increased. Another not insignificant problem is that with this new financial maneuver it will no longer be possible to use pseudonyms like Monkey Punch itself did with Lupine III the names of mangakas that would enter the public domain.

Masuo Uedadeputy director of Skyfall, revealed that this situation could seriously affect even the freelancers of the anime world: "People call the anime industry a black industry. However, in recent years, the entire industry has worked to improve the work environment and secure employee status for entertainers. However, the reality is that not everyone can become an employee and the importance of supporting freelancers will remain the same in the future. Putting freelancers, especially entertainers, out of business will mean that young people will no longer be able to enter the industry. I fear that within a few years the anime industry will be dead".

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