Toyotaro, the current designer of Dragon Ball greatHe's a nerd, a pop culture enthusiast who would have tried to be a TV director if he hadn't pursued a career as a mangaka. But what is the favorite game of Akira Toriyama's legacy?

For the uninitiated speaking of inheritance, Toriyama himself would have started to involve his son more forcefully to take charge Dragon Ball rights management. 2013 anyway Toyotaro answered a few questions in Q&A for V-Jump. In addition, the profile provided by the editor for Sensei indicated the mangaka's favorite video game, which is none other than one of the masterpieces of Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts.

What is among the most popular video game sagas in the world today is part of a large complex of media that is infusing into Japanese culture. There is a very popular Kingom Hearts manga and even a Disney anime, but unfortunately canceled and incomplete. In this regard, rumors of a Kingdom Hearts television series in CGI have been circulating in recent years, rumors that unfortunately have not yet found confirmation.

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