Batman: 7 Ways Joker War Changed the Dark Knight Universe

Over the years the story of Batman It was full of tragedies and events that disrupted not only the life of billionaire Bruce Wayne, but the bat family and sometimes the entire city of Gotham. For this very reason, we decided to reiterate the 7 main changes that occurred during the Joker War narrative arc.

In the first bars of this new story the clown Prince of Crime somehow succeeds in appropriating Bruce Wayne's legacy, then use the legacy to establish a real reign of terror within the boundaries of Gotham City. Thanks to Catwoman, part of the money goes back to Lucius Fox, who Batman himself decides to leave without giving up his high-tech equipment.

One of the most wavering relationships in the Batman universe is that between the protagonist and Catwoman. After the events of the Joker War, the two decide to take a year off, during which time Bruce manages to return to a more direct approach to the Gotham crime Selyna can do business again in Alleytown, train young thieves to act like them and become the new crime queen.

After the death of her step-brother James Gordon Jr., Barbara Gordon ditched the Batgirl costume. James suffered from multiple personality disorder and turned out to be a terrible serial killer. When Barbara caught up with him on the trail of the clues, he decided to commit suicide, leaving his sister devastated. Back to the bell tower However, Barbara has returned to take on the role of Oracleand addressed the residents of Gotham with words of comfort and hope.

Another element that popped up in the Joker War is that Many citizens have contempt for masked vigilantes. In Detective Comics 1028, Nakano, a former Gotham police officer who has lost his right eye and partner on duty, has launched a campaign against costumed superheroes, while Jim Gordon himself takes sides against the vigilante in Batgirl 50. .

One of the most significant events of the Joker War is certainly Harley Quinn's transition to the good side. Not only will Harley save Batman from punchline and poison, but she will also support the entire bat family throughout the final fight, making the hooded crusader himself a better hero than ever and letting him decide whether to save her or her Joker wants to stop. .

Damian Wayne, Bruce's son, made numerous drastic decisionsand dubious morals in the final volumes of the series devoted to the Batman universe, killing brother blood, taking the risk of melting the Teen Titans, and giving up the role of Robin. However, in Detective Comics 1029, Damian returned, went to the bat den and stole the Black Casebook.

Finally, a big change came for Bruce in the Three Jokers series directed by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok. In this story Bruce manages to track down his parents' killer, Joe Chilland discover that the latter is suffering from terminal cancer. At the hospital, Bruce finds many letters of apology that Chill wrote himself but never sent. Speak to him directly Batman decides to forgive him.

Keep in mind that the new Robin who will debut in black and white has been revealed, and we'll leave you to the new antihero introduced in Batman 102.

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