The Todoroki War seems to be over. Despite the amount of power Dabi concentrated, the flames of hate weren't strong enough to deal with Shoto, who on the contrary took advantage of his ice and ended the first battle of this great war. But there is more to discover in the My Hero Academia 353 spoilers.

That Chapter 353 of My Hero Academia is titled "Endeavour". Burnin' reports that Dabi has been captured, causing all the heroes to celebrate and thank Shoto. But there are still Nomu to kill. All Might is in tears in a surveillance room, commenting that this is turning in their favor even though Deku is not at the predicted location.

In the ruins of Jaku's hospital where Gigantomachy is imprisoned are Ashido, Mineta, Kodai, Yanagi and Honenuki. Mount Lady tramples some baddies when The villains who killed Midnight appear. Kirishima arrives next to Ashido and says that the evacuation is complete and now it's time to get busy.

On another battlefield, Takoba National Stadium, there are Ojiro, Sato, Tsuburaba and Sero who seem concerned. The Yuei flying base can also be seen, and Bakugo smiles at Shoto's news. The focus then shifts to the parking lot where it all began, with Fat Gum and Aoyama surrounded by flowers. Here you are dealing with Kuniedaa fugitive from Tartarus who does not share the heroes' optimism.

Switch scenery again with the central hospital where Mic yells that Shoto defeated Dabi while Shoji tries to dodge the attacks of a giant spinner. A flashback begins at this point, showing Dabi turning his back on All for One, saying he doesn't need any new Quirks during the process Spinner gets touched by Super Villain's hand. Spinner in the present orders all mutant soldiers on the Liberation Front to keep themselves busy so they destroy the status quo.

On the other hand, in Kamino, Shoto tells Iida that he is high and apologizes, but Iida tells him that there is nothing to apologize for. Suddenly, a glowing orb appears in Dabi's chest. The last location seen is Gunga, where after the news, Endeavor has an undecipherable facial expression. All for One wonders if he's relieved or sad, and instead of not paying attention, Hawks warns him. Everything for one goes on say that Endeavor will lose as his fingers turn into different things. One ejects a black slime, another begins to show a face, another creates crescent rings, another fires, and the last one becomes covered with thorns.

This ends Chapter 353 of My Hero Academiawhich will arrive on MangaPlus on Sunday.

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