Now there are only a few weeks left until a moment that seemed really impossible to predict until just a few years ago. April sees the debut of Liko and Roy, the two new protagonists who will travel the world together with their Pokémon in a brand new anime. This means there is a Major cast changes in Pokémon anime.

The last episode with Ash Ketchum's farewell is imminent and thus there will be a change between the frontmen of the series. This isn't the only character welcoming the series, however. While there's a recap of memories with the last few episodes, which also brought some of the protagonist's ancient Pokémon as dowries, there's also another set of characters to say goodbye to for good.

The new Pokémon episode saw the Rocket team consisting of Jessie, James and Meowth Face Ash, Pikachu and the other characters for the umpteenth time. Apparently, they are defeated and shot into the sky, thanks in part to the powers of Latias. Upon landing, however, the trio begin to argue. Their Pokémon remain close, but the three thieves decide to part ways permanently, leaving the creatures that have joined them for years in the wild.

And so it is Team Rocket is leaving Pokémon. Sure there will be other enemies, but those who were the anime's most iconic enemies will apparently not be there. And finally, Jessie, James and Meowth walk away with one final defeat, but also many experiences to cherish in their next life.

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