During the event broadcast #GeekedWeek, the Platform Netflix released the subtitled promotional video for the animated adaptation of the manga, written and illustrated by Hiro mashima, Eden's zero. The press release confirmed that the series premiered globally on the platform on August 26, but did not specify the number of episodes added.

The series is already on the air in Japan and will be confirmed with a total of 25 episodes. Mashima also publishes the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen magazine from the publisher Kodansha since June 2018. The work also inspires two video games developed by games KonamiThe former is described as a 3D action RPG for consoles and the latter as an RPG for smartphones.


  • Takuma Terashimaashi as Shiki Granbell.
  • Mikako Komatsu as Rebecca Blaugarten.
  • Rie Kugimiya than happy.

Production team

  • Shinji Ishihara (fairy tale, Log horizon) will be the chief anime director in the studios JCSTAFF, while Yuushi suzuki (fairy tale) will act as director.
  • Mitsutaka Hirota (Zoids wild, Kanojo Okarishimasu) is responsible for writing and maintaining the scripts.
  • Yurika Sato (Shokugeku no Souma) is responsible for character design.
  • Takanori-Nishikawa plays the opening song titled "Eden through the raw" while CHiCO with HoneyWorks lists the final theme entitled β€œBouken no VLOG”.

Edens Zero Synopsis

Shiki was surrounded by machines all his life. In the Granbell Kingdom, a long-abandoned amusement park, it is the only one of its kind that exists. That is, until Rebecca Bluegarden and her feline companion Happy arrive, unaware that they are Granbell's first visitor in a hundred years. Their goal is to make fun videos for their B-Cube channel, but what they find is a friend in the socially awkward Shiki.

When Granbell becomes too dangerous for the three, they embark on an adventure through the Sakura cosmos. They hope to make more interesting videos and even find the elusive mother goddess as Shiki seeks to make more friends, inspired by the words of his late grandfather. Of course, the journey won't be easy as no one has seen Mother before, but Shiki is determined to achieve his goal and explore the limitless limits of space together with his new friends.

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