Since All Might lost his powers, his character has been relegated to that of the advisor and teacher of Izuku Midoriya, the current owner of One for All. However, the boy becomes more and more familiar with his abilities and begins to react to theirs in particular during the current arc of My Hero Academia.

While the young protagonist is busy with Lady Nagant at some distance, All Might, who was traveling with his Hercules, was attacked by some little villains who threw a bomb on his car. Initially, the hero did nothing thanks to the armored car, which he then had to give up when the bad guys started carrying out heavier blasting attacks. in the My Hero Academia 313 it seemed that for the former hero, now alone and without flaws, it was over.

But as soon as he got out of the car with his suitcase All Might has proven that it can induce fear even without strength to his opponents. All Might has two reserved, easily intimidated people who cast a look of anger and determination and declare that he will not let the bad guys get between him and his student and that he will make sure of this until he dies, no one turns Deku a hair.

THE Two bad guys seem intimidated enough at this point to stumble and back offWill they hold the blow and throw themselves back at the hero or will they leave him alone in the next chapter of My Hero Academia?

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