Dragon Ball Super It certainly didn't start under a lucky star, but as the episodes and narrative arcs passed, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro managed to create a functional story, despite the limits imposed by the chronological arc within which this sequel is set.

Inevitably, plot holes were created, some of which date back to the Dragon Ball Z era. One of the strongest criticisms of DB Super it is the absence of blood and actual wounds in seemingly fatal combat. Have you ever wondered what happened to Vegeta's scars?

In the DBZ, at the end of the Freeza saga, we see a scene in which Vegeta transforms into clothes that Bulma gave him, and we notice this in the gesture deep scars on the body of the Saiyan prince. Later, during the Power Saga tournament, Vegeta fights shirtless and magically his body appears to be free of all his old wounds. But how was it all possible?

There are two hypotheses, the first of which is related to the Majin Buu saga or when Vegeta sacrificed himself to try to destroy his enemy. According to this theory, the prince's body was smashed into a thousand pieces and at the moment of his resurrection received a so-called "new one". However, the hypothesis holds little since then YamchaFor example, he was turned into chocolate and even devoured by Majin Buu, and yet he returned with the same scars as always once he was brought back to life.

This leads to the second train of thought, that of the fans who believe it is a small plot hole, one Forgetfulness from Akira Toriyama. What do you think might dictate this change? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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