Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly global phenomenon. A tool that can optimize space and time as well as provide means for creating and reinterpreting. Indeed, it is no coincidence that technology is often associated with manga to make the characters of certain works a reality, just like One blow man.

Just 24 hours ago, a fan had tried to imagine Saitama in reality through an intoxicating clip that painted the comic and serious side of the icon. Jag_00Saitama's graphic artist has used artificial intelligence to compose models that can bring the protagonist's facial expression to life.

Inspired by his work and the program Artbreeder, a fan, a certain Clapizzatried to emulate a realistic reconstruction of king, the hero No. 6 of the S-Class and an experienced player. The questionable result, which you can admire at the end of the news, therefore shows that Face of the strongest man on earth, with a lot of attention to facial wrinkles and complexions. However, the only real difference is the lack of a scar, a characteristic sign of the character.

And instead, what do you think about this real King proposal, do you like it? Tell us yours as always with a comment below. But what do you think of this Genos concept art curated by a Chinese artist when you talk about the illustration about One Punch Man?

I made a realistic king with an AI inspired by u / Jag_00. by r / OnePunchMan

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