Although the Seventh blindly trusted and protected Hokage Kawaki and welcomed him into the house as if he were his own son, the other Ninja of the Leaf Village are still unwilling to give him credit. For this very reason, Master Konohamaru received a new mission in the last episode of Boruto: Naruto the next generations.

While Kawaki, supported by Naruto, tries to integrate into Konoha's daily routine, Shikamaru is still very much suspicious of himthat. On the other hand, unlike the Hokage, the advisor is known to be thoughtful and careful. From his point of view, Kawaki could also be a spy sent by the Kara organization.

Shikamaru calls Konohamaru over and entrusts him a very important mission: constantly monitor and analyze Kawaki's behavior. The nephew of the Third Hokage, still affected by the death of his friend Mugino and busy with some unsolved ministry, willingly accepts this mission on a special level.

If Konohamaru sees suspicious behavior, he must do it contact Shikamaru directlyand not in the seventh Hokage. For the ninja of Clan Nara, Naruto is all too lenient towards Kawaki.

As the Twitter user Boruto4Life notes, the anime has entrusted one to the master of Team 7 Vital role. In the manga, however, he was missing for about 30 chapters. And what do you think of Shikamaru's decision to bypass the Hokage? The relationship between Kawaki and Naruto is constantly evolving. Meanwhile, Sarada proves to be a worthy Uchiha, here are the fruits of her training in Boruto.

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