It was a long week for ONE PIECE readers. While viewers of the anime enjoyed the exploits of Oden Kozuki, who recognized him on social media, those following Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus suffered from the usual time for Eiichiro Oda on hiatus.

The cliffhanger with the defeat of Luffy from ONE PIECE 1013 will finally have a sequel. To anticipate the content of the next chapter, let us think of them Spoiler from ONE PIECE 1014that surfaced a few minutes ago. Let's see what the protagonist and his crew will meet.

  • The Chapter 1014 is entitled "The Life of an Actor";;
  • Luffy falls towards the sea while Kaido looks on from above.
  • Bao Huang informs Kaido that they have found Momonosuke;
  • Kaido calls on Bao Huang to inform the entire island of Onigashima about the outcome of the confrontation.
  • Yamato keeps climbing to go to the roof as he struggles.
  • Momonosuke: "It seems that I don't have to die ... !!";
  • Chopper VS Queen;;
  • There's a chopper flashback in which he is with Caesar. The scientist says that with its help he can extend the effects of the Rumble Ball to more than three minutes;
  • Bao Huang warns everyone of the outcome of Kaido's fight, saying that the emperor will accept anyone who surrenders immediately to his ranks;
  • Kanjuro arrives at the place where Momonosuke is;
  • At the end of the chapter Kaido appears in front of Momonosuke and attacks him with his Kanabo.

It therefore seems that ONE PIECE 1014 with Momonosuke will end up in danger. Did you expect these developments after the break?

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