BerserkKentaro Miura's masterpiece is a work that has been loved all over the world not only for its iconic sensei trait, but also for a nuanced plot that, overall, has outlined an exciting story full of twists and turns.

Of course, remembering the history of the manga in its entirety can be very complicated for most people, as the occasional serialization had expanded the narrative excessively. Berserk is a work that actually ran between the pages of the magazine in the distant 1989 Young animals and since then more generations of enthusiasts have followed one another.

We therefore thought to continue paying homage to this masterpiece that helped write the history of Japanese publishing around the world, and to recap the history of Berserk in a special video that you can restore with great fanfare at the top of the page . Video, takes more than 15 minutesTherefore, the company tries to synthetically tell readers the moments that the masterpiece was made of Kentaro MiuraThis also gives you the opportunity to admire some of the best boards his genius has ever made in a series of clips.

But speaking of style, are you curious to know which of the most terrifying creatures ever was drawn by Miura? And you, what do you think of this summary, did you find it useful? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

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