The protagonist Denji is recruited for a very special job: hunting devils. In the world of chainsaw man, there are these special creatures that come from beyond the grave, each with a unique power related to one of people's fears. The Chainsaw Man anime will then throw viewers into a world featuring these creatures.

Denji will certainly not be able to do everything alone. Once in Tokyo, he is introduced to his teammates in the big city by Makima, the red-haired woman who grabbed him off the street in the first chapter of Chainsaw Man Beyond Aki, with whom a love affair immediately develops - hate , there are those too demonic power, a pink-haired girl who has a very provocative, overbearing, arrogant, obnoxious, spoiled attitude and so on. This mix of adjectives about her character makes her one of the most successful characters in the work.

In it, Uzileks picks it up again Chainsaw Man power cosplay in a very fashionable way, with the same clothes she uses in the series but worn in a much looser and more carefree manner. Besides Makima, there is also a Power Nurse in another popular cosplay.

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