While the franchise isn't in its brightest streak, the first streak is from Yu-Gi-Oh! It's still a cult among longtime fans. To pay homage to the two most powerful monsters of the protagonists Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba, an enthusiast has created a special LEGO set.

From thematic cosplay to the commodity of the most symbolic objects of work, decades after the Yu-Gi-Oh! it still is A brand that is very much loved by fandom. In the absence of an official product, a big fan of the Egyptian Pharaoh's adventure adapted a LEGO set to reproduce a legendary battle.

By proposing its creation a LEGO ideasZero Helix, a website where users can submit their ideas to the toy company to turn them into potential official sets in the market, has turned the Black Wizard and Blue-Eyes White Dragon into bricks.

""Both LEGO and Yu-Gi-Oh! They gave me great comfort during difficult times in my life and so I thought to myself why I shouldn't combine them. I've made several models, although nothing is that beautiful. These wonderful hobbies, both of which are focused on collecting, should have a lot more crossovers in their target audience. Let's see if other users agree"wrote the artist.

As you can see on the Reddit at the end of the article, the set is very simple. Surrounded by some Egyptian columns, the Yugi's black wizard and the blue-eyed white dragon von Kaiba stand ready to fight.

What do you think of this piece? Would you like to see one Official LEGO x Yu-Gi-Oh!? In the meantime, there are some crazy Yu-Gi-Oh jeans here! equipped with screen and maps. Yami Yugi awakens in this reproduction of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium puzzles.

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