When Izuku Midoriya joined the top three heroes, he planned to lure All For One and Shigaraki out of the grave. However, the young protagonist's plan did not go exactly as planned and he was ambushed by the villains. Here's what happened to him My Hero Academia 313.

After Midoriya finally encountered all of the remnants of One For All and inherited her quirks, she finally seemed ready to put an end to All For One's plans. Deku's strategy was to move alone and act as baitIn order for the villains to emerge from the shadows, Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist were able to come to his rescue.

However, All For One again proved to be the smartest and Anticipate Izuku's move let him fall into a trap down to the smallest detail.

In previous chapters of Kohei Horikoshi's work was Deku targeted by a sniperor Lady Nagant, whose fate seems closely tied to that of a hero. The new villain appears to be a puppet from All For One who has granted her a new quirk, the Air Walk, to convince her to bring him Midoriya.

With her new ability, Lady Nagant does it all the time keep your distance from Dekuwho instead tries at all costs to get closer to attack them hand in hand. Although the boy is not yet in full control of the sense of danger and cannot avoid all incoming blows, Lady Nagant cannot kill him as she has to take him to the still living All For One court.

The fight continues in the next chapter. Then My Hero Academia 314 will be released. In the meantime, All Might has its own Batmobile. Here is Batman's Easter Egg in My Hero Academia.

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