Tanjiro and Nezuko began their journey in the early 1900s. This is, in fact, the setting for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba in a Japan that recently opened to the West and which has Western customs and traditions like today. That is why the protagonists wear very traditional clothes.

In all of the Nezuko cosplay shown so far, the girl has always presented herself with a pink kimono, black coat and other details that bring us back to a Japan struggling with the Taisho period. But if Demon Slayer had been hired in the present, what would Nezuko have looked like? The Russian cosplayer Ays tried to answer this question with another Cosplay on Nezuko.

The photos below show us one Nezuko models and with a contemporary style: black skirt, white shirt with her face, a pink jacket that incorporates the geometric patterns of the kimono in Demon Slayer, and pink glasses that reproduce her demonic eyes with plums. Obviously, the bow in the hair is not missing, as is the shade towards red. A very special insight from the cosplayer, which gives us an impression of how it could have been Nezuko in the 2000s.

Just Ays had introduced us to a traditional cosplay from Nezuko that shows that she loves this demon slayer character.

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