Bad news shocked them Boruto: Naruto the next generations and the staff at Studio Pierrot. The voice actress Yuko Sanpei, the voice actress for Boruto Uzumaki, is sick with Covid-19. What consequences will that have for the cartoon series?

there Pandemic from Covid-19 back to scare Japan, a nation hard hit by the Delta variant. As the government takes action and extends the state of emergency, the situation appears to be accelerating again. The anime industry is ready to take another blow and the first "victim" of this new disaster could be the adaptation of Boruto's anime: Naruto the Next Generations.

Yuko Sanpei, voice actress for Boruto Uzumaki, tested positive for the Covid-19 test. The voice actress after the show febrile symptoms on Tuesday he took a smear test, but the verdict was unfortunately positive. As she announced in a statement published on social media, she is currently undergoing medical treatment in her apartment, so her life should be out of danger.

“I received a positive test, as announced by the office. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I am monitoring the situation at home but will do my best to heal myself and report a full recovery as soon as possible.

That the Boruto anime series has suffered a halt because of this very unlikely. Almost certainly, the voice actress will have already done the recording sessions in the dubbing room for at least the next 3-4 episodes, a time that will allow her to recover as much as possible and then continue her work in full safety.

We leave you with the return of Team Ino-Shika-Cho and the differences between chapter 45 of the manga and episode 210 of Boruto.

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