After the great success of The Mandalorian, war of stars wants to further expand its reach. To this end, Visions will be released shortly, an ambitious project that will unite the universe created by George Lucas with the Japanese animation industry. The community is practically obsessed with this move from Disney!

For those who missed the details revealed so far, Star Wars: Visions is a ‘animated anthology consists of unrelated episodes, each made by a different Japanese anime studio. Hence, each episode of this project will have its own story, as well as different characters and settings. Studios that have worked on Visions include iconic production houses like Trigger or Science Saruthat the distant galaxy celebrated, far from respecting Japanese tradition.

The official Star Wars: Vision trailer literally wowed the fan base, who expressed their amazement and joy on social media. The movie shows Fragments from the different episodeshighlighting the specifics and implications of each one. Check out the tweets at the bottom of the article for some of the top comments from fans excited about the idea of ​​watching an anime based on one of the most iconic sagas in cinematography history.

Finally, we leave you to the plot of the individual episodes of Star Wars: Visions and the voice actress Emanuela Pacotto, who fights with one of the lightsabers from Star Wars.

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