Completed Wano, it is the final arc of ONE PIECE has begun, which brought Luffy and Co. to a new island. Given the situation, it seems that Egghead will be shorter and because of that things are going much faster than usual. That doesn't mean it's going to be easy for the Straw Hat and his allies, though.

That ONE-PIECE 1068 spoiler They focus on some elements related to Vegapunk, now the true protagonist of this cycle of chapters.

  • That Chapter 1068 of ONE PIECE it is entitled "A Genius' Dream";
  • In the cover adventures, Judge and Caesar continue to fight each other as they reminisce about the days they spent together in MADS.
  • The title refers to Vegapunk's dream;
  • The genius wants to create a free source of energy that can be given to anyone in the world, but only this quest brought him close to the mysterious power source used by the ancient kingdomwhich arouses the wrath of the world government, which wants to eliminate him for this reason;
  • Vegapunk wants Luffy to take him away from Egghead, knowing that the world government wants him killed for everything they know about the empty century and his robotic research;
  • Shaka orders S-Snake, S-Hawk, and S-Shark to activate. He also grants control to Sentomaru;
  • Lucci uses the Rokuogan on Atlas, which is badly damaged;
  • Luffy and Lucci cross paths at the end of the chapter.

It seems that therefore it will be another chapter full of information but also of the threat that could lead to the outbreak of a new fight against CP0 in ONE PIECE.

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