An unknown ONE started creating his own comic in 2009. Because of his skills, he decided to offer it to readers through a publisher, but through a webcomic. After a couple of years it has gained immense popularity, so much so that attract the attention of a talented mangaka like Yusuke Murata. This is how One-Punch Man was born.

Ten years after the manga adaptation of Yusuke Murata began, One-Punch Man is still at the height of the wave with two seasons of the anime and a thriving merchandising, in addition to the still well-selling volumes and publications on Tonari no Young Leap. Still, it's been 10 years of serialization, a very high number. If one-punch man could end?

To answer this question, we must first ask ourselves what ONE’s plans are. The author is currently struggling with the fourth major storyline of his comic, which will hardly end here. Therefore, it is possible that the One-Punch Man webcomic runs until at least 2026-2027. With this in mind, the times of Yusuke Murata must be evaluated. The mangaka is nearing the final stages of the third arc, but with rather long times: fortnightly, very often skipped publications to correct earlier chapters, thanks to the new discoveries of the ONE webcomic, chapters that adapt and only part of the original webcomic much more.

Given the times, and less than a certain acceleration, if Yusuke Murata continued to slavishly adapt the webcomic, then One-Punch Man wouldn't end before 2030. Another ten years, which may not be enough, even if original decisions are made on the horizon to complete the two products with different times and paths.

At the moment the One-Punch Man manga has 151 chapters published.

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