That Chapter 1053 of ONE PIECE revealed some surprises for the readers. The new admiral Ryokugyu with his power has been seen in the face for the first time, the new four emperors of the seas have been confirmed, there is the greatness of Luffy and much more. Everything has suffered a halt, however, for Oda's choice to take a break.

A one-month break, very different from the previous ones, which lasted a week at most. The mangaka needs time to take care of the final arc and oversee work on the Netflix-produced ONE PIECE live action. In the meantime however Weekly Shonen Leap She decided not to leave her readers speechless and focused on a new small project.

ONE PIECE: Road to Laugh Tale appeared in the last issue of Weekly Shonen Jump and focused on the Pirate Rocks, the story of Gol D. Roger, a summary of the Poneglyphs situation, and then revealed some special sketches. However, there are a total of four numbers in this section: what chapter 2 of ONE PIECE Road to Laugh Tale will be about?

A preview published in the magazine confirms this there will be information about the four emperors. Kaido, Big Mom, Shanks, Blackbeard and maybe even Whitebeard will be the protagonists of the next round of reveals, maybe some juicy ones and who can help theories form in the long run.

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