In Japan, the Natsu Comics takes place, in which many mangaka from the house of Shueisha take part. So this is the perfect time to release unique illustrations related to your manga. It goes without saying that a manga naturally pleases dragon ball.

The manga by Akira Toriyama, who is currently working on the new Dragon Ball Super movie, has now taken a special turn and has mainly passed into the hands of Toyotaro. The latter is the mangaka who has been dealing with Dragon Ball Super for seven years since the restart of the saga was decided, which in the animated sector is in the hands of Toei Animation.

And Toyotaro is attending Shueisha's Natsu Comics 2022. As? publication a special illustration of Dragon Ball Super featuring the Hawaiian version of Goku. On the particular black and white shikishi we see Goku wearing a flower crown, a string of pearls and holding a ukulele, a typical instrument of the Hawaiian Islands. It was provided in addition to Toyotaro's illustration another color image of Goku preparing an energy attack.

At the moment the mangaka is preparing for Dragon Ball Super 86, the next chapter of the saga.

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