While the ONE PIECE manga is on hiatus, the Toei Animation anime is progressing pretty quickly apart from a few special episodes. In fact, on Sunday, June 26, it was the turn of a recap episode that he had temporarily shelved in pause the events narrated in Onigashimawith the pirate war in full swing.

But now it's fighting again. As new and old generations clash at the top of the skull and Kaido finally applies his hybrid form, it must not be forgotten that war is also raging on the floors below. There are currently many challenges in ONE PIECE, including between officers who You will decide the fate of Wano, but also of the whole world. In the central hall, the virus infection is still going on, turning everyone into horrible Eisoni.

ONE PIECE episode 1023 comes with a trailer who openly states his focus on the challenge between Queen and Chopper. As everyone continues to transform and Kaido's soldier continues to play out the good times and bad, Chopper heals and prepares a device that can save everyone.

ONE PIECE 1023 will be released on Crunchyroll on Sunday 3rd July 2022 and it will be titled "Preparations Complete! The Chopperifago Nebulizer".

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