As the beginning of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, which opens in Japanese cinemas on June 11, news about the film is becoming more frequent. A lot of news about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has come thanks to the unpublished images published by Japanese magazines, while others come from the film's promotional posters.

As we all know, the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super will be: Super Hero Gohan and Piccolo, the latter having already shown itself in its new form. However, many have wondered if Goku's son can also experience an unprecedented transformation since he's been in the spotlight for a while.

Well, a promotional image of the film confirms that Gohan will have a new form in Super Hero. As we can see in @tweetSaiyanScholarGTthe advertisement reads: "Gohan works with Piccolo to save his daughter Pan. To defeat the powerful enemies, Gohan will release his latent potential and become the warrior more according to." On the line below is another writing in faded gray: "Superhero Rumors: It's Rumored To Be The Strongest And Most Perfect Form In Gohan's Story?!"

Definitely this promo picture Increase fan hype about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to mlle. So Gohan's new form is set, and in all likelihood it will also be the strongest ever seen. It remains to be seen who will make life difficult for Gohan alongside Gamma 1 and Gamma 2: according to one theory, in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero we will see the return of Cell, which could breathe life into a round 2 of the battle finale of cell game.

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