There has been a recent boom in fan art dedicated to characters from the universe Dragon Ball Z. The anime series, with its twisted story arcs combined with breathless combat, stayed in the hearts of many generations of young people who then tried to emulate the art of Akira Toriyama.

Sometimes fans try to copy the master's style, as in Dragon Ball Z's recent illustration of Goku Super Saiyan 2, as he prepares for battle Majin Vegeta. At other times, however, fans reinterpret the anime's moments in other styles, like one artist did with Dragon Ball Z's Gohan vs. Cell fight in a traditional Japanese style.

Via her Twitter account @renh_59 he wanted to share his Illustration of future Gohan preparing for #17 and #18. In the drawing, we see Gohan Super Saiyan from behind in the foreground, wearing Goku's battle suit and without his left arm. The shot from below gives an ideaGreatness and courage of Gohan, who faces two enemies that are much stronger than him. Between the boy's legs, in the distance, you can see the blurred shapes of C-17 and C-18, scourges of the future, one to the other. The colors of the illustration are very classic and reminiscent of the style of Dragon Ball Z.

The work of @renh_59 It is certainly of a high standard and leads us to relive one of the most tragic moments of Dragon Ball Z. Luckily, Trunks will be able to escape the murderous fury of the two demons and then save what we all know.

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