There is a lot of buzz in the Dragon Ball fan base for the latest news. An unexpected leak in the past few days has revealed that the new Dragon Ball Super movie will be released in 2022. Given that the production has been active since 2018, i.e. before the Broly feature hit theaters, it is unlikely that Molo will be the enemy.

But who will then be the main antagonist of the saga? According to Akira Toriyama, it will be an unexpected character who has raised so many questions about the next project in the program. And take advantage of that news Team Four Star has decided to throw the hook and produce their own comic poster for the 21st Dragon Ball Super movie.

In the picture of the comedy team, known for their work on Dragon Ball Abridged, we see the real enemy of the next feature film with Goku and his companions. Surprisingly, The creature who will have a hard time will be Monster Carrot, also known as the rabbit boss. A weird choice, of course, since the character who has only appeared a few times in the Dragon Ball universe is mostly a stain.

Who is Monster Carrot?? In the ninth episode of Dragon Ball, Goku, Olong and Bulma arrived in the Diablo Desert. Bulma, still disguised as a rabbit, was mistaken for a member of the rabbit gang led by Monster Carrot. This anthropomorphic rabbit was then brought to the moon by Goku thanks to the power of the magic wand. After Roshi's destruction of the moon during the Tenkaichi tournament, the former boss started floating through space, but after the satellite returned he stayed there with his henchmen. The trio later reappeared on an additional page of Dragon Ball Super, showing that they are still alive.

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