In the first episodes of the sixth season of My hero academy Class 1-A students faced challenges and situations well beyond their preparation. Alongside the pro heroes, Deku and company try to thwart the villain menace, but the final minutes of the ninth episode could result in another defeat.

Deku and Bakugo managed to reach the battlefield with a spectacular performance to save Professor Aizawa from Shigaraki's direct attack. A heroic decision, but he made it brought Shigaraki closer to his goal: Midoriya and the One for All. Unfortunately, the level of power achieved by the villain is higher than what the protagonists could hope for, yet Bakugo acts almost automatically to protect Midoriya.

To face Shigaraki, Deku constantly tried to push his limits, continuously activating the One For All and inflicting serious injuries on his body. Bakugo observes the companion's strategy and understands that Shigaraki could use any window or moment to drain the Quirk from the protagonist. Because of this, when Shigaraki launches another attack on Deku, Bakugo lunges at his friend, moves him in time and is hit by the blowas you can see in the clip below.

An incredible gesture that shows how much Bakugo has matured and how seriously he takes Deku's fate and being a hero. Finally, we remind you that the quality of the animations causes discussions in the community and we leave you the trailer for Episode 6x10 of My Hero Academia.

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