Tsurune Based on the light novel series by Kotoko Ayano, with illustrations by Chinatsu Morimoto. It has been published in KA Esuma Bunko since December 26, 2016 and received an anime adaptation and a feature film from Kyoto Animation.

In Turune Minato Namuriya is a kyudo lover, or traditional Japanese archery. The boy is particularly fascinated by the tsurune, the sound made by the shot. During puberty, something breaks in Minato's passion for kyudo, but the athlete is led by a new young master.

In Season 1 and the film, there was the sweet camaraderie and rivalry between Minato and Shu. But now it's time for a new opponent: Eisuke Nikaido. The name of the second season is Tsurune: The connecting shot and the latter will have its debut on January 4th, 2023, the month in which many new souls will be released, including the supernatural Malevolent Spirit: Mononogatari.

In the cast of Tsurune Season 2, there is Jun Fukuyama who will take on the role of Eisuke Nikaido, second year student, Takayuki Kondou will be Koushirou Fuwa and Yuuya Hirose will be Touma Higuchi. Kyoto Animation will return with Takuya Yamamura directing.

The debut trailer is in the tweet at the bottom of the news: The quality is very high from the first few seconds Atmospheres are romantic and evocative and new challenges await the characters of Tsurune. What do you think of the promotional video? Staying on the subject of sports, you might be interested in our news of Holly and Benji's victories.

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