there Story in Season 6 of My Hero Academia is the culmination of the saga Liberation Front of the Supernatural and there were big surprises in the last installment. Deku prepares to make a difference in the epic war between heroes and villains

Shigaraki is a growing threat and luckily Deku is unleashing new powers. The moments can be recreated thanks to the material in the tweet at the end of the news. Fans are particularly excited about the intensity of the scene, the soundtrack and the Vocal power of the voice actor, well expressed with Izuku's angry screams. With the new Quirk, Deku has the ability to save the villain from touching the ground again, which would bring another wave of decay with it. The casualties in Gunga and Jaku are significant and for now the situation is in favor of the villains.

Among the dead and wounded, viewers want to know more and it will be a while before they learn how the fight continues: the December 3rd on Crunchyroll Deku and companions return to fan screens in My Hero Academia 6x10. Did you enjoy seeing Izuku's new One For All power? What do you think of the episode? My Hero Academia 6 Episode 9 animations have received a lot of criticism online. Let us know your thoughts on this with comments in the comment box.

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