On the official website of the original anime from the production company Aniplex, Gunjou no fanfare (Fanfare of the youth) the first promotional video for the project was released. The video announces the addition of three new members to the cast. The series premiere is planned for the spring of 2022 (April-June).

The three new actors (from left to right) are:

Takahiro Sakurai as Yutaka Asahi, Hiroki touchi as Kazuo Nohira and Lynn as Tako Kitami.

Gunjou no fanfare


  • Natsuki Hanae as Amane Grace.
  • Shougo yano as Yuu Arimura.
  • Shimba Tsuchiya as Shun Kanami.

Production team

  • Makoto katou (Bloom Into You, Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace note) is responsible for project management during the course Lay-Duce (O Maidens in Your Savage Season, Magi: Adventure of Sinbad).
  • Hiro kanzaki (Eromanga Sensei, EUREKA SEVEN AO, Oreimo) is responsible for character design.
  • Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan, The Seven Deadly Sins) is responsible for composing the soundtrack.

Gunjou no Fanfare synopsis

The story takes place in a horse racing academy that trains boys to be jockeys. The three-year academy is highly competitive and anyone wishing to attend must pass not only an academic test, but also a physical and fitness test. Yuu Arimura is a former popular idol who falls in love with horse racing after visiting it for the first time and wants to enter the academy. Shun Kanami grew up on an island and learned horse racing only through radio broadcasts. Amane comes from an upper class family in England, her father is a former rider. Amane has attended horse racing academies in various countries. The show follows these three 15 year old boys at the academy.

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