While the adventures of Izuku Midoriya and his companions continue after the paranormal's bloody war of liberation in the manga, there is just over two months left for the anime's return with the fifth season slated for March 27 and in a recently run Interview Some details in connection with the development of the series became known to one of the producers.

Ooyabu Yoshihiro In fact, he's made himself available to answer some questions related not only to the return of Deku and his companions in season five, but also to the path that has involved Studio Bones in recent years. The first question concerns precisely the fact that April 3rd is the fifth anniversary of the animeand Ooyabu also wanted to emphasize that with the fifth season they will reach and exceed 100 episodes.

To the second question: "Can you tell us which part of the production of the series has not changed since it was first published and which has evolved?" The manufacturer replied immediately: "What hasn't changed from the start is the way we like to create scenes and unique expressions of the anime version with the utmost respect for the original manga. When something has developed because the audience understood the world of MHA, we try to avoid unnecessary explanations about the MHA universe We are building a river where the public can experience the environment naturally. "

Finally, the interview moved on to the fifth season, especially with regard to the atmosphere in the studio during the realization of the first narrative arc in which the students of 1-A and 1-B face each other to improve, far removed from the real threats of the bad guys. Ooyabu described the atmosphere at Studio Bones as lively and intense as everyone loved this kind of youth battle. Below is the post with the original interview and translations that @ Atsushi101X shared on Twitter.

Recall that Himiko Toga was honored with a swimsuit cosplay and we leave you to the 3DCG model which was dedicated to Hawks by a fan.

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