My Hero Academia's hero society is on the verge of collapse. The important battle against the bad guys that took place last year has already been engulfed internally by several major flaws.

This fight is over, but its consequences are still there. We have seen the return of the dangerous All for One, the most formidable enemy of My Hero Academia who, thanks to Shigaraki's body, managed to invade Tartarus and free his real body. My Hero Academia 298 continues this night of fear and destruction and shows us how the super villain has planned a massive attack on all prisons in the country to escape and cover his tracks as many criminals as possible.

Two days later, Bakugo wakes up in the hospital. At his side are some classmates who get an overview of how others are doing. Gran Torino is barely alive, as is Aizawa, who is now without a leg. In another room Todoroki is recovering but he is still full of wounds and a burned throat thinking of Dabi and how he must be the one to defeat him once and for all. But the news that most shocked Bakugo concerns Deku: the protagonist of My Hero Academia so far the only one who showed no signs of awakening.

Is it the effects of the new forces of One for All or the serious physical injuries? And a great revelation awaits us in chapter 300?

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