One of the first sagas of the manga My Hero Academia star spot, a villain obsessed with the purity of heroes. Aside from All Might, all the other inferior heroes that stalked the streets were not worthy of his vision for the role. And so the protagonists had to face him and defeat him.

Recently, due to the mass outbreak of Tartarus, Stain has also returned to the wild and made an immediate impact. However, he stayed on the sidelines during the rogue war as he didn't seem comfortable with the all-for-one faction. His motives are still unclear, but now the villain has returned to show himself, and the final page of My Hero Academia 385 sees him at ground zero again. determined to watch Shoto Todoroki and Tenya Iida. The two boys stood face to face with him along with Deku in the back streets of the city.

My Hero Academia 386 will see Stain return to battle? Man has always had an iron conviction and this war might be right for him. In fact, there have been many heroes who gave up at the first difficulty and gave up the role, as Stain foresaw. But ahead of him are boys like Todoroki and Iida, especially the latter, who stayed to fight at all costs and face evil.

Stain's presence could lead to a revival of the old fight even when the two boys are quite exhausted, or eventually the villain will accept Iida's resolve and watch his efforts on the field and his maturation as a hero. Surely the latter scenario would break the déjà vu effect, how do you think the next chapter will play out? My Hero Academia 386 will be released on Manga Plus on April 23apart from unexpected breaks from Kohei Horikoshi.

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