The beginning of a new story begins Dragon Ball Super This almost inevitably leads to a new and challenging training session for Goku and Vegeta. Given the skills that Goku has acquired and mastery of ultra-instinct, the Saiyajin Prince will attempt to achieve these by following the exercises of the god of destruction Beerus.

Indeed, as we read in chapter 68, Goku will continue to train with Whis Thanks to Ultra Instinct, which, according to Beerus, seems to be just one of the various divine techniques to perfect his fighting skills more and more. When the god asks Vegeta if he too intends to follow the path of Goku, The prince replies that he wants to overcome his rival Kakarot in another way.

To these words, Beerus responds with a grin, revealing to Vegeta that there are equally powerful techniques that differ from the angel's specialty, which is indeed Ultra Instinct. This statement obviously took the Saiyan by surprise, and although the conversation between the two ends quickly, it is possible to accept it Beerus talked about a specific or advanced form of the powerful Hakai ability, seen several times on the series and in films related to the franchise.

Learning a variant of Hakai could definitely bring Vegeta closer to Goku and improve his fighting style bring him closer to the fate of God of destructionas expected from some theories developed by fans a few months ago. What do you think Beerus was referring to with these words? Do you think it was a reference to Hakai or was it about other techniques? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Granolah seems to be hiding an interesting ability, and we're leaving the transformation fans would love to see, Vegeta Super Saiyan Purple.

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