With the official confirmation of the completion of theAttack of the giants In April, the events of the last chapter took on greater significance, as did the character of Armin, the new owner of the Colossal Giant, whose actions could mark the Research Corps' victory. But what will become of him?

Eren Jaeger uses the maximum potential of the founding giant's power to bring old versions of the nine giants back to life, to unleash oneself against one's old companions and friends. Unfortunately, during the first moments of the battle, Armin was hit immediately before he could transform into the colossal giant, and then was drawn into a giant by the ghost of Ymir, who seems to have a special position in Eren's crazy planthat is, to eliminate anyone who has no Eldian blood in their veins.

When Armin accuses himself of not being able to wake up, he discovers the level of existence on which he met Eren himself a few chapters ago, who appears to be a link between the entire Eldian race. In fact, Armin is particularly confused when he meets Zeke Jaeger, the owner of the giant animal, who helped his brother achieve his goal and wreaked havoc. Zeke's words closing the chapter confirm that both signs They were "devoured" by Ymir.

Recall that Mikasa and Annie shine in two great cosplays and we leave you to the theories and predictions of chapter 137.

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