The battle began in chapter 1001 of ONE PIECE It went live immediately, and all the pirates involved were ready to use their most powerful techniques. Only one of them created a nice, if short, comic scene in which Zoro admits that he stole the "new" technique from one of Wano's best swordsmen.

The magnificent table that had completed chapter 1000 actually began a new era of piracyin which the new generation, also defined as the worst, wants to meet emperors directly, emblems of a bygone era to achieve the title of king of pirates. In a frenetic and meaningful confrontation, we therefore see an alliance between Luffy, Kidd, Killer, Law and the Mugiwara swordsman Roronoa Zoro who even manages to repel a direct attack by one of the two emperors?

Of course, Zoro's technique is only useful in saving his captain who comes after, as much as he manages to stop the Empress's attack and arouse Luffy during the fight To have avoided a Thunder Bagua from Kaido quicklyThe fact remains that Zoro continues to show his formidable talent in the art of the sword which enables him to reproduce that perfectly Fire Flame Rend, a peculiar movement of the Kitsuneb styleie then from the samurai Kin'emon.

Remember, Sanji and Pudding were the protagonists of a nice couple cosplay, and we'll let you find out how much the Mugiwara sizes are worth in euros.

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