The story of the work of Yuki Tabata continues to excite fans as you read our spoilers for Chapter 279 of Black Clover. So let’s find out some details about a famous character’s powers.

As you know, the Knights of the Kingdom of Klee fight on the pages of the Magna of the famous Japanese author Dark triad of the kingdom of swords. In particular, chapter 278 showed us the challenge between Dante, Nacht and Jack, as you can read in the tweet that is at the bottom of the news. The latter is at the center of the pages of the manga. Thanks to his new powers, Jack manages to meet Dante several times, although his healing ability seems to outweigh the character’s magic.

Dante then manages to block his opponent so that all seems lost for Jack other than to think of the death of his father, a hunter killed by a bear, gives him renewed motivation to fight and manages to hurt Dante. Fans of Yuki Tabata’s manga welcomed this enthusiastically Jack’s new strengthWe are sure that this will have an important impact on the events of the Labor.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the anime of the same name, we recommend this preview of episode 164 of Black Clover.

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