During the manga of The attack of the giants seems very close to its conclusion and the animated rendering deals with the first events that involve the world beyond the walls. We discover the double cosplay of a fan.

Initially fellow of the same Recruit Training Corps, number 104, Annie and Mikasa both turned out to be excellent soldiers, but unfortunately it turned out that the blonde girl held the power of the female giant, and Ackerman did not hesitate to point her weapons at them in order to defend Eren.

After her own defeat, Annie sealed his own body in a crystal that was created with the power of the titan and has not yet had a chance to step back into action in the cartoon. Although Marley's Warrior has not appeared in the anime for a while and in the unfortunate past with Eren's boyfriend, the Saiya cosplayer has chosen to do so represent both girls.

In the post published on Instagram, which can be seen at the end of this message, we see a first photo in which the woman plays the role of Annie and is endowed with the typical dishes that distinguishes users of the Three-dimensional maneuvering device. A subsequent shot gives us a broader look, while the third image compares the first cosplay to a second in which Mikasa is played with a Pose very similar to that of your enemy.

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Finally, I remember that in Attack of the Giants, Isayama publicized what happened to Erwin's body and reported an in-depth study of the powers and history of the Attack Titan of Attack of the Giants.

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