The participation of fans in the works of Junji ito is not limited to just reading the rich collections of horror published by the mangaka. however, it extends to a complete revision of the content created by the author, through fan art, cosplay and even the creation of custom clothing.

Over the past few years we've seen several collaborations between Junji Ito and clothing lines, but one fan didn't want to be outdone and in a moment of enlightenment he created one Pair of sneakers inspired by Tomiewho have favourited the opera Magna of Sensei. Below you can check out the result that user Red_Canary1 shared on Reddit.

Tomie Kawakami is one of the most recurring characters in the stories of Junji Ito, who first appeared in the 1987 manga of the same name. In the story, the girl is described as "beautiful, arrogant and self-centered" and has no qualms about provoking her teacher, Professor Takagi, before her classmates kill and mutilate her out of spite. The story of Tomie brought back to life to get revenge on her killers has already received an anime adaptation and soon it may even have a live action version. The fans are still very fond of the work, and the tribute to this young artist is a testament to that.

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