Although the fifth season of the animated My hero academia Still focused on the joint training between the two first year classes of Yuei, the final episode took the opportunity to show Endeavor, author of a great personal change. Will he ever be able to replace the figure of omnipotence?

During the third battle of the test, Shoto, Iida, Ojiro, and Shoji are assigned avenge the defeat suffered from their comrades in the previous fight. If the result is the same, each of them knows that they have to give everything. Against them, however, are Tetsutetsu, Kaibara, Honeuki and Tsunotori who are equally determined to win the game.

Meanwhile, Endeavor and his subordinates fight a chase with a minor villain. Although the No. 1 Pro Hero deals quickly with the criminal, his head is elsewhere: his only thought is his son Shotothat he cannot come into contact with. Enji Todoroki recalls their stormy past and tries to bridge the gap in their relationship. To achieve this, he sent his son a "friend request".

Endeavor tries too fill the huge gap abandoned by giving up all power and replacing it as a symbol of peace. After stopping the villain, we see him talking to a group of children who were saved during the persecution. But there is still a long way to go, will he be able to become the number one of his dreams?

My Hero Academia 5x07 is now available on Crunchyroll. Overhau, Dabi and Mineta transform into these images from My Hero Academia.

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