The Dragon Ball Super Anime has been off the radar since 2018. Toei Animation appears to have slowed the world created by Akira Toriyama after completing the series in March and creating the feature film dedicated to Broly for cinemas. Rumors of a new movie had been around for a while together with those of a new series.

And Toei Animation decided to drop that Surprise bomb for Goku day. The Dragon Ball Super project was confirmed in a press release anticipating a live anticipating news primarily for Super Dragon Ball Heroes and its nearly three-year programming.

It was announced on new Dragon Ball Super movie, which will be available in 2022 in Japan. Once again, Mangaka Toriyama will be involved in the project taking care of the story and dialogue as well as character design. According to the first statements, the production of the film had already started before the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly in 2018, which testifies to the idea of ​​a far-reaching film project. Additionally, Toriyama is busy with the story to introduce another high quality blockbuster to viewers. More information will be available on the Dragon Ball official website over time.

In reality, the news had been available for a few days, given the sensational leak on Toei Animation Europe's website, which, with a link inserted too early, revealed the surprise two days earlier than expected. A message from Akira Toriyama's own website then confirmed rumors that she had been working on the film for some time and that fans of the brand were ecstatic.

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