At the end of the saga of the island in the sky, ONE PIECE took the straw hat crew to the next stop on their journey, the island of Water Seven. Here they met one of the most difficult groups to tackle, Government agents from Cipher Pol 9. The CP9 then forced them into the Enies lobby and engaged them in a mind-boggling confrontation.

Do you remember your method of calculating the effectiveness of your active ingredients? Let's find out who they were stronger active ingredients than CP9 Compilation of the ranking from weakest to most powerful. The Doriki is a unit of measurement for calculating performance using the performance of Fukuro. An ordinary soldier has around 10 Doriki, while anyone over 500 can be classified as a superhuman.

The Chef Spandam was weaker than the CP9, got there thanks to the recommendation of his father Spandine. Despite his demeanor and ability to use a sword like Funkfreed, Spandam's Doriki was only 9 years old. Then Nero follows, the youngest CP9 agent, who was also the first to be eliminated and whose Doriki level we do not know.

To go upstairs we find the only woman in the group Califa with 630 Doriki. However, the measurement goes back to the time before the consumption of the devil fruit, which could lead to an increase in the woman's potency. Sixth place for Fukuro, the tall man with the zipper over his mouth who has a Doriki of 800. La The top 5 will instead open with Kumadori, defeated by Chopper. The man who can attack with his hair has a Doriki of 810, slightly higher than Fukuro's. Fourth position is BluenoAs a result, the three men are almost on the same level.

With the leading trio, you jump completely to much higher levels. Jabura ranks third: With a Doriki of 2180, the wolf is one of the most powerful assassins in the world government. Silver medal for Kaku insteadwho reached 2200 Doriki in power and surpassed his partner during Enie's lobbying saga. Finally in First place is Rob Lucci, the strongest member of CP9 with a Doriki of 4000. Lucci is a ruthless agent who has always successfully completed missions and is now a member of CP0 despite his defeat.

And CP0 seems to be important in the arc of Wano.

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