2020 was a year of postponement due to the health emergency associated with the occurrence and spread of Covid-19. In Italy, the virus has also resulted in several events related to video games, films, TV series, anime and comics being canceled. Fortunately without the Lucca Comics & Games 2020, now converted to "Lucca Changes".

As stated by the organizers, the 2020 edition will - albeit with some changes - take place on the dates previously announced from October 29th to November 1st. But what will these changes look like? The press release recently sent to us answers all your questions.

""On July 10th we announced that the festival would take place, but it will be different. The annual event, which is devoted to comics, games and new forms of storytelling, does not take place as usual and is expected, as part of the board commission of July 20, chaired by the Mayor of Lucca, Giovanni Lemucchi. We confirm that the 2020 edition does not include pavilions with stands. In the city, only a limited number of live events (shows, presentations, performances) are organized in the auditoriums and historical buildings.

It will be another event that will bring the spirit of Lucca through the bonfires across Italy: a dense network of comics, bookstores and game stores. An expanded festival that you can also take part in thanks to digital programs and a new, extraordinary radio and television location. Lucca Comics & Games changes its skin and awaits you from home and at home in Lucca and around the campfire at the end of October: Lucca Changes".

Live performances, cosplay competitions, eSports events and the like are therefore confirmed. All of this can be viewed when purchasing the ticket. However, unlike the other years, do not expect a Lucca that is fully decorated for the occasion, with streets full of people and free stands.

If you are looking for more information about the event, we recommend checking out the latest Lucca Comics & Games 2020 announcement for all the details on online events and the like.

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