Finally, Leaf Village has opened its doors to those who until recently were enemies. Shikamaru's plan is put into action. in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 74: Baptism of Fire The group led by Amado returns to Konoha.

The new appointment with the Boruto manga begins with Eida, Daemon and Amado going down to the Leaf's station and with Shikamaru welcoming them. The girl's power kicks in immediately, and anyone who crosses her face falls victim to her spell. Taking off and ignoring Shikamaru's instructions, Eida walks away towards Kawaki.

Meanwhile, Boruto and Kawaki await the arrival of guests in a specially created structure. Along with them is Master Konohamaru Sarada and Mitsuki observe the situation from afar.

In Boruto Chapter 74, when Eida arrives "home", Boruto and Kawaki's special mission begins. Before formally introducing himself, Daemon throws himself onto Boruto's shoulders and threatens both Leaf ninjas. Eida's little brother is aware that the two boys are the only ones who can resist his sister's enchanting charm and that's why sets the record straight by demonstrating his superiority in battle. If they make even one wrong move, he will kill them both.

At the same time, Naruto and Shikamaru meet with Amadothat this time in Boruto Chapter 75 he has to confess everything he really knows.

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