The first part of the anime by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean was very well received by the community interested in discovering the story of Jolyne Kujo and while Masanori Shino awaits the arrival of the next episodes on Netflix scheduled for September 1, 2022, Masanori Shino illustrated the creative Process behind the character designs.

Shino has honestly admitted that he is very fond of some of the protagonists and personally brought them to the studio Paper volumes by Stone Ocean, starting from the base designed by Araki. "I was aware of how much I could extrapolate from the source material as I developed her designs. As the anime is made by many people including animators and staff, it is often necessary to omit details that might help to keep the schedule. However, if you leave out some details, you risk not making it yo-yo..

Because of this, he confirmed that he had tried to respect the original designs as much as possible. Then he focused onEvolution of Jolyne's aesthetic over the course of his adventure, as if the inner changes were also reflected in his outfit. Finally, that Design by Jotarodifferent in each of his performances throughout the opera, and which was initially represented by Shino at a rather young age, who only decided to make it more mature on the advice of director Kenichi Suzuki.

Finally we leave you with an incredible cosplay dedicated to Dio Brando.

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