It is not easy to make Eiichiro Oda the father of ONE PIECE. In fact, he envisioned the end of his masterpiece back in 1999, and today all he does is align the story with the conclusion he planned. However, are there any chances that the sensei will decide at the last moment to change?

On the occasion of the Chapter 1000 release, Oda announced that the manga is really nearing the finale, a symptom of the story going on as he anticipated. During a television event that aired in Japan in the past few hours, the manga editor Iwasaki Yuujianswered some questions about the end of the work, in this case the Possibility that it can change. Once, in 2017, Oda said that if fans had guessed the conclusion he envisioned with the theories, he would have changed the ending right away, again for the sake of unpredictability.

Anyway, Iwasaki wanted to reassure everyone: No, Oda will not change the ONE PIECE endingand it won't even if one fan's theory eventually turns out to be correct. However, the editor added that given that, the risk doesn't even exist right now Nobody has come close to the content of the last chapter yet from Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece. Iwasaki himself spends a lot of time sifting YouYube through fan theories, which is why his words can be taken literally.

And you, what do you think of his words instead? Tell us yours as usual in the section devoted to comments.

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