The Granolah Survivor saga started with a bang and the new story arc of Dragon Ball Super it already seems ambitious and convincing. Toyotaro and Toriyama have not yet revealed their tricks, but it is already possible to see one of the mysterious Cerelean's abilities from afar.

In the new issue of V-Jump magazine Toyotaro He took the opportunity to answer a few questions in which he showed some curiosity about Granolah's design, and finally invited readers to keep an eye on the character whose role appears important to the current saga. While Goku and Vegeta resumed their training, the alien went to a mysterious organization in a distant asteroid to deliver Android # 73, which has some interesting information in it.

After Granolah finished his chores and moved away from the asteroid, he was intercepted by Elec's henchman, Soshiru, who tried to withdraw the payment. The Cerelean thus showed some of the capabilities of its breed starting from the right eye This is different from the sinister one and, as we saw in Chapter 68, can work like a sniper lens. We don't yet know which abilities his right eye hides, let alone whether he has any other hidden abilities, so we just have to wait for the next chapter to know how the Sensei will develop Relationship between Granolah and the Saiyajins, the race that ended its planet. What is certain, also as confirmed by the organization it shipped OG73 to, is that the Cerelean runs the risk of becoming a really dangerous person when exercising. That the powers he hides make him most powerful warrior in the universe 7?

What skills do you think Granolah is capable of? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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